Flavours Collection

PACK 4x200Ml

Selecction of extra virgin olive oils with natural aromas and smoke aroma to combine with different dishes.
To combine eith some fish and seafood, meat, vegetables.. providing a delicious taste and enhancing its natural flavor. To go with some fresh aromatic herbs.
Black Truffle
The exclusiveness and the characteristics of the truffle enhance the flavor of your dishes. Given that it is such an exclusive product, we recommend you combine it with other quality products to get spectacular flavors. To combine with some meats, pastas, rices, risottos, salads, cheeses and creams.
Chilli and pinck pepper
Providing a spicy touch. To combine with pastas, pizzas and meats.
Garlic and herbes de Provence
Providing a fresh touch and a mediterranean flavor. To combine with meats, fish and pastas.